Ciao! Finito! Hasta la vista! Adieu! Cheerio! Adieus! Ta-ta! See Ya!

I began my fascinating journey through the arts in 1974 creating abstract welded metal sculptures from scrap metal cutoffs the iron workers and steamfitters left lying around construction sites. After moving to Bucks County I studied carving wood and stone at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, joined many art groups, began exhibiting my work and won awards at a wide range of venues.

As a result of my earlier career in masonry construction, both in the field and in teaching, and years of mallet and chisel work, my hands are incapable of withstanding the forces required to continue sculpting. So … I’ve decided to save them for putting on my socks, tying my shoes, buttoning my shirt … you get the idea.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see my work up close and personal my final exhibition will be at my friends Harry and Heather Boardman’s “Exhibit B Gallery”, 105 North Main Street, Souderton, PA, (215) 799-0266, with the opening reception on Friday, October 20 and continuing through November 12.

It’s been an amazing experience being able to create unique one-of-a-kind art from driftwood, decomposing logs from the forest and pieces from my wood pile. Adding the wonderful people I’ve met and the amazing responses I’ve received at exhibits, in my studio and from postings on social media, has made it all worthwhile. A special thank you goes out to the many who have included one of my sculptures in their personal art collection. It usually emerges into a great conversation piece. I hope to see you on October 20.


Ron Bevilacqua, a noteworthy sculptor from rural Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania, reflects the beauty of nature within the structure of rocks and trees. Living amidst these boulders and tall trees has given him the uncanny ability to see and bring to the surface interesting human and animal images. Many pieces are discovered on the shoreline of Adirondack Mountain lakes, in the forest and from his woodpile. If you have visited regional or national art exhibitions you are familiar with his distinctive work and awards. His interpretive sculptures are included in many private collection throughout the United States. Include one of his sculptures in your art collection and it emerges into a great conversation piece.

Ron has created sculptures for over 35 years. His early careers working as a mason and a high school teacher have enabled him to acquire the skills necessary to creatively apply mallet and chisel techniques to wood and stone, transforming the natural materials into works of art. He studied with prominent Pennsylvania sculptors at the Baum School of Art for many years and carved marble in Pietrasanta, Italy.

He shares his skills at his Thatcher Hill Sculpture Studio with his own students and other aspiring artist who need a place to work in an art inspiring atmosphere. Ron takes much pride in students who have exhibited their work in local juried exhibitions.